Sunday, 18 December 2016

Travesty, Diversity and Disaster.

Travesty, Diversity, and Disaster 

Since I last posted here, my world of hope crashed along with my email system!!   I never thought that losing an email provider caused such havoc. I really do feel I should give out this message as just relying on one provider, can lead to travesty and heartbreak.
It is a story that should be told. 
Just over three weeks ago,   November, the 20th, I put my book up for consideration for publication with Kindle Scout, a branch of Amazon. I have been musing whether or not to apply, one reason being I can be a coward and didn’t really want to know they would not like my book.  I know I always put out I’m a cock-eyed optimist, but secretly underneath my blather, is a strong streak of self-doubt. There are reasons, but that is another story.  Anyway, to continue, I plucked up my courage and put the book up with Kindle Scout.  
Can you imagine my delight when I learned the book was approved for submission and possible publication?  
Just like the time when I managed to complete a video, I leapt around the room, punching the air. My delight was instant yet beneath it all was a little girl was overwhelmed with being accepted.  At least by people that mattered to me. Of course, the book is my major passion and raison d’etre, but those few words, 'Your book is approved' jerked me to another level of feeling.
Then the day after, on the 24th of November, my email system crashed. My husband, the clever one with the practical issues of the PC, was leaving for a week in Ireland. I was alone looking at an empty screen where the emails were supposed to be.   I was unable to promote the book. 
I later learned thousands of people along the South Coast also lost their email systems. My only help lay in phoning the provider to clear the problem. I had to wait for ages and ages, only to be told when finally getting through they would ring back in a few days. I hadn't got a few days; the promotion period had already started.
But this is where the horror really started, not only did I lose my emails; it also corrupted my links to Twitter and Facebook, Google and – the list is long. Suffice to say, I am still sorting it all out but am now able to promote.  The upshot is people have advised me to have a back email system, so I am now happily ensconced with  Gmail which I love but will have a backup with one of the other email systems as well.  I sincerely hope this message will alert other authors to the need for backup systems with emails.