Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How I Chose the Title Sleigh Ride for this fabulous Box Collection.

Exciting, Fabulous   

Love Christmas.

                                                           Love Christmas

SLEIGH RIDE.  (part of the box collection.)

HOW DID I COME TO CHOOSE THIS TITLE FOR  such a great box Collection.

Firstly, I was so excited to receive an unexpected invitation to join this famous set of authors all having the title New York Times or USA Today author or yet again best sellers.  When I wrote my first book for Kindle six years ago, I never  dreamt I would actually engage in a box collection with such prestigious them.
After the excitement, I calmed down and my beaming smile changed to a puzzled frown, I had to write a novella  with a title  inspired by a Christmas song or carol.  Songs and carols burst through my mind.  So many, but what title and what was the story going to be? As usual, I fell into my inner conversation, ‘Come on Katy, just think - think.’  Biting my lip, I caught my breath, yes, maybe … yes.  A vision of a sleigh flew across my mind.  There is one image of  Christmas that always catches my imagination and that is Santa in his sleigh flying across the tree tops being pulled by reindeer that take him over the moon, and through the stars.  Yes , I got it …  yes …  a sleigh ride and there was even a song about it.  Yes, I felt the tug on the heart as I captured the dream.

 I do believe a story has to pull on my heart for the reader to also feel those emotions,  be they joy, sorrow, love;  feelings which to me are the foundation of any story. Now I felt the tug, a sleigh ride.
I raced to the PC and booted it up, pulling up a bare page on the screen. Biting my lip; by the way, all my heroes or heroines bite their lip, I put my hands on the keys and wrote the title Sleigh Ride.

Six weeks later I sat back, relieved and grinning, looking at the last line of the last chapter of Sleigh Ride. I hope you will enjoy reading this story as much as I did writing it through  days and nights of dreams, ideas, inspiration, and hope.  Finally, as is my habit, at the very end, I  dash off to the fridge, open it,  find  a glass in the cupboard, and pour that  celebratory glass of wine.