Saturday, 2 March 2013

Hi there, I am still alive - and enjoying life.  I seemed to have been swept into a tornado but have now touched ground completely whole again.  The weather has been skin biting cold, and then our central heating pump decided to play up and went into a fit of no action and silence.  So we had to keep on punching the button on the boiler to get it to green, only for it to turn red again. We hauled in heaters stored in the garage and these are now dotted all over the place. To top it all, our central  heating engineer's father has retired, so there is only the son left to do all the work and he  is running around like a cat from a  Rottweiller.  We see him sprinting  past our house, well driving like a maniac in his white van.  I know lots of people's systems are in dire need of servicing but please couldn't he take a look at ours?  We could go go somewhere else but the that's when we see the dollar signs in other central heating engineer's eyes. Not to get it all confused, I used the cliche for dollars as we are in the UK.  So as I write, I suddenly thought  of my hot water bottle, chewy mints and Werthyrs Originals upstairs.
It's been so frustrating the last three weeks,but I have managed to get to grips with Photoshop Elements 10 for Dummies, I can actually read it now and sometimes understand what they are trying to get this particular dummy to do. I had thought of bursting into tears, but through clenched teeth,  as the painter Bob Ross (I absolutely adore him)  ) used to say, 'You can do it - you can do it.' So I kept muttering that, as I took the axe out of the screen.
My books needed upgrading, as I think I told you; not only editing but also some exciting covers.  My son and hubby didn't like the picture of the stone statue for Stone Relics, that's up in the corner of the blog, the grey one. They said it looked like a stone munchkin pointing at a planet or trying to climb up a chimney; my other son said  it looked like a gremlin out for some fun.  All in all, I had to do a new one and I'm quite pleased with it. .He's a dish, -the guy on the front and even beats James Arthur. I see he's going out with someone really gorgeous now, so my ardour has melted like snow, weeping on a latticed lead window .

I have been watching The Following, quite gory but utterly fascinating, the protagonist is a charming psychopath and I just can't understand how  someone so utterly angelic and knee swoonningly beautiful  could actually dream up all those things for his serial killers.  I think hubby thinks the same of me when he's proof reading my books.  He did say the other day, that he was locking his bedroom door. I just grinned. I remember the day he read my first offering - Stone Relics and I was not quite sure  if he would pack his bags and run or maybe not even stop to pack his things. I wouldn't have blamed him. But I did assure him that writing is a catharsis, I might write about all these people doing horrible things and having sex all over the place, really it's all my repressed memories - the less said about them the better' at least  for the time  being.  So he just keeps a watchful eye on me when I'm cutting up vegetables or taking out the bread knife.
Now I really must go to bed.
One thing though, I have found two incredible formatters. John and Adrian Low of
 Honestly, I will never ever publish a book again without them formatting it for me.  The books now look like gems inside, with a table of contents and all sorts of lovely things. So highly recommend them.

Now I really am thinking of Werthyrs Originals so I will write again soon, as I have so much more to tell you,  I say but I see it's thirteen minutes past midnight.
One important thing again. I have changed the pics so they are all correct. I think I'd had too much of  the hard stuff the last time I put them all on, as they were all under the wrong names.  Now you can see the new ones and I so hope you like  them. I took out the little grey munchkin. I couldn't bear it. Stone Relics will not be on Amazon for a couple of weeks, we are still proofing it,but at least the book cover is on the blog.

Bye for now, Have a lovely evening, morning or day.

Love and hugs,