Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hello and Welcome.

Looking for reviews.  Also an exchange of reviews. - genuine positive ones.  I am also hoping to post other authors books on here that want an airing, plus tweeting.
My new crime books, police procedural books are not published yet. I want ideally to write three of a series, two are almost there and the third is in my head, planned from beginning to near the end. I never quite know what the end will be until I am six eighths through writing.
 To promote a book  takes time, hard work and long hours.  Six hours writing and six hours promoting.  If we want a book to flourish we have to tweet, social network, facebook and google, plus join a myriad sites, great sites actually. Linked-in, Wattpad, e.bookdeals and so on.
 The written novels  also have to be proofed, edited, formatted and have a great cover.  Most of us authors do the lot. There is so much more in creating a book than the writing.
I so wish I could just write, but then the books would never be read. There are two million authors on Amazon - wow.  Time to be author and marketeer.
I have  just read a blog post where the author is quite upset with the loss of sales. It seems Amazon  as I wrote above, have a couple of million authors so competition is fierce.
Reviews are so hard to get,  it was lovely  when we could  have family and friends giving us  reviews.I  thought it was quite au fait as not only did they buy the books, they read them and gave an opinion. Okay I quite agree it would be biased:))  But they promised me they would only give the review if they genuinely liked the book.
So now I am planning how to achieve reviews, genuine ones, constructive but sensitive. ones to exchange with other authors, read their books and give a sincere critique.
So I shall start to structure a plan for all of this.
Meanwhile, if any of you wish to join in please contact me.
Have a great evening or morning.
Love and hugs.