Monday, 4 March 2013

Hello and welcome.  I hope you are well and having a fulfilling time. If you aren't then I hope all will be well soon.  I had a wonderful day  yesterday. I put  Possessed at Rhonan on for a free promo on Amazon for one day, it was the only day I had left and it downloaded in so many countries. To my joy it also sold twenty copies and even one in Canada.  Hurrah and thank you God and Universe and all you lovely peoiplewho b bought or downloaded them.  I do so hope you enjoy them. .
I also had another experience which was quite daunting, I found that my website was not showing up on the web,  instead there were remnants of the old one all over the net.  Oh my god,  just didn't know what tot do. Then I thought about the ftp; I went in and found the files and deleted them.  Thankfully the remnant cleared up.  I vowed never to have a website again, I promised myself I would stick to my blog,which I love, as I can chat at any time, any place.  But then I knew my new Serif WebPlus 6 was sitting in the drawer. So - yes, I gave into temptation and started another website. I've decided to use one of their templates as I did my other two from scratch. However, I'm so glad I did as it is coming along nicely.  Not exciting yet, but I hope to make it so.
I am sure the formatting of Return to Rhonan and Possessed at Rhonan had a great effect, as there were so many sales.  People could trust the books as they looked very professional and smart. I love the table of contents as I said the other day, as I can flip from chapter to chapter.
I have now put Return to Rhonan on Smashwords and intend to do the same for Possessed at Rhonan when my library period is up as well as having them on Amazon.. However, I shall still keep; a couple of the books  in the library as it is such a great advantage for promotion. I just want to get them out there a little more.
It was wonderful after getting the books upgraded to be able to get back to the writing.  Today I swam in as mist of words and creativity. Tchaikowsky thundered through the room as my heart and soul spilled on to the screen.
I really do feel what I write, I seem to become the characters, I always know when a book is coming a living thing as I actually become the characters as I write them. My mind is Seb's mind, or Tess's or Kim's.  My laughter is their laughter and their tears are my tears.
Oops that's hubby calling. He's realised I've sneaked downstairs to write to you and its nearly 1.00 am.  Oh well, the hot water bottle is waiting and the soft chewy mints.

I will pop in again very soon.  Take care and keep well.:))

Love and hugs,