Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hi there,
I am so glad to now be able to share news with you. How are you all. I do hope you had a wonderful Xmas, a very happy New Year and romantic Valentine's Day.   It has been gruelling two  months of finishing one novel and writing another, yet to finish. During which, Ii was given medication to which I was allergic, so I had  legs come up like slabs of ham, and I do rather pride myself on long legs and slim ankles, besides that, I couldn't see properly and most of all of all, I couldn't think.  It's bad enough thinking without having an allergy as well.  I t was like having flu and then walking into a lamp post head on.  I was then told I was in the front  line for a heart attack, but how could that be? I'm far too young. I went out and bought a blood pressure kit, as mine which I used for my clients is far too intricate, my blood pressure went up just trying to get the darn thing on. So I wanted a wrap around that just stuck together. Besides that, I didn't want hubby to know I was buying the most expensive kit in Boots. So I said I was going in  for some shampoo and then dodged around, found the pharmacist, an exceptionally good looking guy and whispered to him, if he had the latest blood pressure kit. I think he thought I was suffering  from a sore throat or paranoia.  Now however, all is well, it was just the f...... medication.. I'm not under hubby's thumb i just didn't want to argue about it.  So it's a case of getting it done - no questions.  I don't understand these women who say  'I'll have to ask my husband.' I used to say to them, and still do.'Why? Do you ask permission to die?'  They look scandalised, so I add, 'He's not going to jump in the grave with you; you know.'
So getting back to the allergy, be warned, if you think you have an allergy shout it through  a fog horn, don't take any compromises.
 I have also been working hard to promote the books already published and on Amazon and Smashwords, but not before designing and building new covers.  I have put them on here for you to see, Return to Rhonan, Possessed by Rhonan  and Stone Relics. With all three,  I have been editing, overhauling and upgrading. I find many writers do this.  Tolstoy rewrote Anna Karenina seventeen times. Not that I hold myself in any way near Tolstoy, one reason being he died many years ago. I will  put out a notice via KDP when I have uploaded these.
I have unpublished Stone Relics until it is professionally formatted. I  shall have to ask the formatter's permission to print his name before writing it here.
Meanwhile, back at the farm, How do you like the new covers? I would be so grateful for your comments. I promise not to cry, or scream if you tell me they are lousy. Instead, I will take a stiff drink and set about doing a better one. After all it is the viewer who is the expert, I can only try.Now I sound pathetic.

I studied the book, Photoshop Elements 10  for Dummies to learn how to do the book covers. I do actually paint but digital art is another ball game.  All I can say is these dummies must have an IQ of over a hundred and eighty.   If not,   I will shoot myself with marshmallow bullets, as I stumbled, cried and uttered very naughty words, excelled Chaucer in fact, until I eventually began to make sense of it all.  I found it so difficult -  harder to read than Russian or Chinese.At least you get a dictionary with a foreign language but this book for Dummies does not supply one.

Now, The Following is about to start on  TV so I must stop.  I find myself caught up in the literary aspects - my excuse for watching a load of gore and psychopaths, insane serial killers using Edgar Alan Poe as an excuse.....   I'll be back.....
.....I'm back again.  I have just seen it and it is a series with so many hooks that captivate.  But this latest  hook seriously  hurts, as now I have to wait a week with the memory of a gun pressed to the head of the  hero. He must escape otherwise, otherwise what's the point of having a series.

Now it is time for bed, with Imperial Mints and Peppermint chocolates.  Hubby snores and I'm fed up of sewing golf balls in his pyjama jacket. It's supposed to work, stop the snoring,  but somehow or other he gets himself in a position where they slide with the jacket to the side so he manages not to lie on them. I can't really sew rows of golf balls all over his jacket, he wouldn't sleep.  It seems even if he is  asleep his brain is working overtime, 'How do I escape the golf balls.'  So now he has his own. room.  That is not my fault. I went to the doctor and said I needed sleeping tablets because my husband snores. She looked at me, a well built woman with a tight bun on her head, and she said, 'look, put him in one end of the house and you in the other. You can have sex any time.' So that's what happened.

So I hope you have a lovely evening  or a good night's rest,
Katy :))

I forgot, here is a great quote..
Deprived of meaningful work, men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.
Fyodor Dostoevsky

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/f/fyodordost154352.html#QqF5j3c5f3yEWYPe.99