Saturday, 8 December 2012

X Factor James Arthur - Wow Wow Wow  - fantastic.  This guy is going to be a world wide star. He is original - unique. He also has an incredible voice which I discovered tonight.  I thought he was  a kind of pop baritone, with a voice like the sound of gravel over tin, which is exciting in a man, but - but - but,  now I find his voice can soar into the heavens,  like the castrati, although God forbid that should ever happen, he doesn't need the castrati, he already has the range.  I expect they are now getting a voice trainer, but please - please don't mess with his uniqueness. .

I listened to Dermot O'Leary  on Daybreak. I don't ever watch TV during the day, but this particular  morning I had fallen and hurt my arm and wrist, the one that was operated on ( Oh God)  so I had to sit tight and rest for a while - day or so.  I fell because my dog needed a walk,  but it was a gale, the rain raging and  it was bitter cold and I climbed a fence for a short cut home.  Needless to say I ended up in the mud on my back, with my darling Retriever dog Lily gazing down into my face. Usually she is the one playing in any mud she can find, even though her coat is pure white, so she thought Mummy was  joining her.
Seriously James soared through three octaves with I'm Feeling Good.reaching the incredible notes of Adam Lambert on USA Pop Idol.
And then Jahmene, what a guy.  Did you see the way he picked James up and swung him around on his shoulders.  Reminds me You Raise Me U. What a wonderful guy Jahmene is, I want him to  win as well I think, but then James Arthur is my favourite, my young Robert Mitchum.  Sometimes James will look out of the screen with those big blue eyes and long lashes and  you think he's one of those Michelangelo's cherubs on the ceiling, but then his mood changes and he is all Hollywood Bad Boy with a scowl. James Dean maybe, but then he is stronger again than James Dean.  I believe he is going to be epic, an icon.  I just hope the world does not hurt him - that little cherub beneath the surface.
Can't wait for his album then I can write to his passion, he is an inspiration to writers as the emotion comes out when he sings and that is what I need to ignite the words on the page. I'll still listen to Black Eyed Peas  but now James is hovering on the horizon.
Oh yes, when  he cried with Nicole, I was crying too,the tears running down my cheeks and my heart fit to bust.  Even writing this, I have tears in my eyes.
Oh yes, I started this whole post, with Dermot saying  something on Daybreak, well that was, that he admired James's cool. Each time he walks off winning, he looks like a miner just walking home from the pit.  Well that's the way us gals like them - well me anyway. I just loved the way he walked on stage to sing I'm Feeling Good, he looked tougher than all the other guys on the way.  Yey.  I think I will get the brushes out and the canvas up and do that pop art - put it on my website - oakwood -arts. Thing is I took it down so I'll have to put it back up again;:)), I don't think I was too bad a painter, as the last client paid me over a thousand pounds - Wooh. But then I switched to writing. I can only do what inspires me so I have turned down all the requests for painting. At the moment  it is writing.

Must go to bed
Have a lovely night,
Love and hugs,