Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Xmas  sales are on the up.  A great friend is reaping the rewards of a wonderful talent and hard work. It's a discipline to sit and and write every day. We live in a   fast world.with many distractions, so the author just has to try and blank out the noise and excitement of 21st century life and hunker down in the study or corner of a room as Jane Austen did to write her novels.  Mimi Barbour has now reached the rank of  378 and is high on the top 100 Best Sellers list.  Congratulations Mimi.

Xmas is a special time and there are so many great books on Amazon for everyone's taste.
Today was so busy, at last I've learnt the rudiments of Adobe Elements 10.  Well,at least i got a cover together for Scourge of Angels. Plus another for the Violinist. Also i now have time to write to all my lovely author friends on Amazon.  What with the operation, not being able to use my hand to type etc., it has been  a roller coaster - but now I scan start relaxing and social networking once more.Mots importantly, I can enjoy writing this blog.

Hubby is cooking some great pizzas, with extra toppings of pineapple - scrumptious.

Bye for now,
Have a lovely evening.

Love and hugs,