Sunday, 9 December 2012

JAMES ARTHUR X FACTOR. James - James - James.  You brought me to tears with Impossible, striking right through the heart - hubby too.  We were both gunning for you but also we love Jahmene. Two different voices and songs.  But James, Impassible as Brian, my hubby says, will sell worldwide, and moi, - it will fly to the Stratosphere - no limits - no limits.
I have felt the pain, it doesn't go away, just kinda finds a small dark corner, not often visited these days.The angels kind of flew over me without stopping,but I still hope.  Pain makes one stronger - sounds harsh - but it will - did for me. If I have a dream,I go after it, nothing nor no-one will stop me as long as I don't cause sorrow for others.I think pain in our younger life  also makes one more loving, compassionate, and giving. Not that we need it, some are loving having known love all their young lives.
I am so glad Gary Barlow said what I also feel, don't let anyone change this young singer, don't mess with his voice or his personality.  he's just perfect.
JAHMENE was so gracious, so sincere, what a wonderful guy. I wish him every success as he deserves it.  Great voice, great singing Jahmene. I can see wonderful things  ahead for you.
So I shall be at the store  tomorrow buying the CD.  But, but, but, I have a suspicion that Brian is already downloading it for me.  I was in tears when he won, gosh, such emotions - that's what a great artist does - moves people's hearts and emotions.
The album photo is great, just as James should be portrayed, don't dress him up in suits, the outfit he had for Impossible was great.  But the album photo was better.

And tomorrow I shall be writing alongside James's song.