Monday, 3 December 2012

James Arthur X Factor - our boy got through - Yey. Hubby and I both laughed when he walked with his usual shabling walk and then kicked his heels for joy.  I was so glad also for Jahmene.  Christopher looked fit to bust.  He was ecstatic.  Well done Christopher.   I was sad for the boys UnionJ but then as Louis Walsh says they have a great career ahead of them.

As for our dear James Arthur he's going global. And I still say Jahmene is going to end up a sweetheart of Las Vegas. I  think  Nicole had a big hand in grooming  both James Arthur and Jahmene. I do hope she is back next year, she has an astute eye and mind for what the public wants. What
 I so admired was the way Nicole brought out their true personalities and didn't try and change them to suit the mood of the moment. I did bite my lip when James appeared in a dress suit, but he soon made it look untidy enough :))

So the editing is at an end and now I am giving myself a week off writing to learn Adobe Elements 10. I love art as I have written  before and I would so like to get control of digital art as well. Today I punched the air for joy, as I smashed  through the dreaded Layers. Doing Layerson Adobe  has been  my nemesis, but today I met  it straight on and now I have a good idea of how to work with them.  It took a lot of grinding of teeth, chocolate coated peanuts and cups of tea, besides marching up and down the Twittens( small ancient Roman roads - now lanes in the UK) Now I am praying I can at last design my own book covers.  Dafeenah Jahmeel has been fantastic, an excellent cover artist and one recommend.
So tomorrow it is step two, where Ii teach myself to do cut and pasting in Adobe.  The book 'Elements 10 for Dummies' is great and really helping.  I would also recommend that for anyone trying to conquer Elements.
I rang my son overjoyed today -he is a whizz at Elements.  I should think he's also relieved his mum wont be on the phone, tearing her hair out sobbing as the computer crashes once again trying to do damn Element 10.

So off to bed now with some Liquorice All Sorts, cucumber sandwich and orange juice. oh yes and my Kindle Fire - love it - my latest toy.

Love hugs, May you have a peaceful night.