Saturday, 1 December 2012

James Arthur- Iconic - X Factor .  Tonight I saw the birth of an icon.  I sat there thrilled, hubby who has no  liking  for the X Factor joined me for company,  As it is the semi-finals and he sat there, still - silent and utterly amazed and moved by this prodigy. I say prodigy as James Arthur is still so young but oh my God, a genius.  Young as he is he plunges his musical  fist into your guts and pulls out your heart.   As he stood there an outline against the darkness of a broken heart, a tall masculine figure, he created an immortal moment.  I shall be watching for his albums. I love writing to music, so far it has been the Black Eyed Peas but  James is now my inspiration.  He'll help me get to those deep areas of the  heart, the emotions so necessary in a book.
Jahmene was beautiful and oh dear Nicolle I was weeping with you.  You just brought up a well of tears that i didn't know was there  I wonder who will win the final, it will be Jahmene or James Arthur.  I like to call him by both his names out of respect, his names gives strength and credence to his music.
If I was twenty years younger I'd love to be Guinevere to his Arthur:)) I just love his habits, well the ones I've seen, example, looking down, not liking to be on the spot , discomfited with compliments, wiping back that lock of hair from his forehead.  Great guy.
Now I really must stop this.  I have not  glowed about a singer like this since Neil Diamond and his Jonathan  Livingstone Seagull.
So it is very very late and I have spent the day finishing off  the editing.  I am almost ready now to republish Stone Relics and also to publish it in paperback. There were some places in the story that really needed polishing r cutting. So off to bed to awake with bags of energy and a clear mind.

Love and hugs, have a lovely night,