Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wow just  watched recorded   X Factor - disappointing. Ella has such a beautiful voice. Trouble was she took an iconic song and changed it, People  have too many  happy memories of the song,  films, shows, wedding parties. And!!  James Arthur - what happened there? Brilliant guy, a very young Robert Mitchum, whom I think is a hunk. Bit before my time but still a hunk. I do think Christopher has a lovely voice,I just wish they'd do something about t his hair, I think slightly longer with a quiff would suit him.
Now I am tired and really want to go to bed.
I sat and edited Banished from Rhonan today and I think I smashed it.  But then I checked tonight after it was published and blow - blow - blow, some of the chapter number fonts  are still showing as Cambria, well some of them. I shall have to go through and delete the headings and do them all over again - hate that, as I am just dying to get back to editing Fractured Night.
I also changed the cover of Banished from Rhonan as it has been up some months now and I think it needed a change. I wanted to go more  atmospheric, so I hope people  will like the blue tones and the handsome hunk holding a gorgeous girl, I couldn't include the odd ghost as it does put some people off, even though they like reading ghostly books. Some of my nearest and dearest said the skull I had on there,  was not enticing.  It's not supposed to be, it's supposed to chill, terrify, never mind, I have now changed it to the blues and sex. After all is it is very sexy,  Hubby enjoyed editing it :))  He's keen to edit the next book. But he'll be disappointed as it is a crime book.  Quite excited with it.

It's a tear jerking time at the moment, Black Friday Week of Deals of books and gifts with Amazon.  I tremble when I go into KDP sales reports - terrified to look at the sales or no sales.  Up until last week I could pop in and then shout for joy, jump and punch the air,  with the sales, but now - Oh dear - oh dear.

But I must remain optimistic, inspired, ready to write  the next great novel, knock Fifty Shades of Grey into a cocked hat, sorry a pun,  and stop crawling around on the floor bawling my eyes out.  Mind you, I don't write  sex erotica sometimes I wish I could, but the inspiration  just isn't there somehow. a few very spicy scenes yes. I mean I'd far rather write about a ghost floating down  the corridor than some gentleman's 'member'. Do you know I just had the vision of it - floating in the corridor, quite surreal  hmm. I don't know what hubby would say if I suddenly ordered a load of porn books to get an idea of what to write.  But then maybe he might be quite pleased

 Ah well,time for bed , hot chocolate, a cucumber sandwich and peppermints with the odd Werthyrs Original.

Have a lovely night.
Best Katy.