Monday, 19 November 2012

Now more about X Factor, on going to bed last night I thought some more about the X Factor, Jahmene Douglas is definitely Las Vegas, I think as he matures he's going to have that wonderful sophisticated swing to his voice. He's going to  take those riffs and rips to Caesar's stage hitting the audience with the swing and swagger,  so beloved of the Rat Pack.
I suddenly thought I'd like to do a pop art portrait of him but my heart lies in writing.  I have always been a bit of a butterfly now and again, alighting on anything that takes my fancy. 
By the way you can see some of the pop-art on the Rat Pack and Scarface and on Google Images I think if they're still there. Some of them were over six feet.  I had to get  a ladder for some of them.
I think James Arthur would make a terrific pop-art when he has a few more lines and angles in that  baby face of his; Still a hunk though.
Ella Ferguson is absolutely made, but I think maybe the X Factor team will now mould her for  an incredible career, she is only sixteen and should be able to be portrayed as such. Take that magnificent voice and shape it for the teen and twenties market. She's beautiful , shapely and will wow the public. Now Rylan  Clark is such a nice guy. An entertainer, - let me entertain you  kind.  I think his future is assured and he will be bigger than Wagner and Chico. His future is assured and I wish him every success. Obviously  Rylan does have star quality and I'm glad, he has a good soul.
By the way, I am not looking  for commissions - no - no- no - the lady says no. Really - don't laugh - I  mean it. I would rather walk naked down Bognor Beach - not a pretty sight. Bognor I mean, well me really.    My heart is in my next book  Fractured Night - ooh - creepy - naughty - red tooth and claw, myth and blood.
I have to go, hubby has gutted the kitchen and is now making our cold salad tea on two feet of space. no oven, hob, but plenty of ice cream. Ii will make him some wonderful meals when the kitchen is done, they do great frozen mash in Tesco. Seriously, I do like to cook, but the writing has taken over.
You know I thought about doing  a You Tube talking about the ghostly gentleman's member - floating.
But now it's time for bed,  time  for cucumber sandwiches, hot chocolate. peppermints and a Werthyr or two shaken but not stirred with a great book from Amazon.