Friday, 23 November 2012

Hi there welcome to our blog.  Make yourself a cup of tea, grab some naughty chocolate biscuits or cheese if you prefer, and join us. I have just bitten the bullet and bought Adobe Elements 10 for Dummies. yes - I must admit to that title at the moment. However, I try not to hang my head in shame as I did manage to get up a website and a blog very simple ones I know, but i managed something, but Adobe?  Well that's the Niagara Falls of the digital world - to moi at least.
I do actually paint with oils, watercolours and pastels and have all these visions in my mind for book covers  but am unable to transfer them into digital art.  however I shall soon rectify that as soon as my dummy guide arrives.
I am actually missing my art a bit now but am ploughed under with editing and writing.  The only time I have left over is to take my dearest Lily for a walk, ( golden retriever) eat, wash - rather bathe, and sleep. Really Lily takes me for a walk, she is completely untrainable and likes to lead, I just pray she doesn't  see a cat, then it's pandemonium. I have been  on my knees or back many a time, as she weights in at 102 pounds.  and she is not fat - all muscle. She was expelled from two training schools  so then we gave up.  At the last one, she darted over to see another puppy entangling my ankles in the lead, and I ended up on my back gazing up into he nose of a Rottweiler.  Terrified is not the word. We did not return..
But to to backtrack to the writing and the all encompassing passion of writing, ,   Even in my sleep I wake up at the hour of epiphanies 3.00 am which is when  for some obscure reason, the ideas flow. However, I only allow myself one hour to lie there in Theta state, creating more of the plot.
I did actually - hmm I  seem to  using that word a lot this morning.   Anyway, I really did dream the whole plot for one book which I hope to commence in January. I have heard of people dreaming the story, but never thought I would be lucky enough to experience it myself.  Now I have and it is such a spooky event . I know I have to write it as it has come from my soul or from some dark cavern in my unconscious.
Fractured Night is finished  bar the last finishing chapter and editing.  So roll on January when I write the book of my dreams..
By that time I hope to be really organized,  at present I am editing three books, doing covers and all sorts of things before publishing them  again. Microsoft word spelling and grammar along with White Smoke are being worked to the hilt. I want the edited editions to be as near perfect as possible. I have not changed the stories or plots or characters of anything like that but I have tightened up the narrative.  As it is Black Friday I am knuckling  under and not checking for sales.
I would be glad of your opinions on the new book covers for Return to Rhonan and Banished from Rhonan.  Are they attractive, or  too sexy  etc.
I think I have left out a comment box so I shall remedy that this morning.
Have wonderful day.