Saturday, 17 November 2012

HI there, It's been ages since I wrote.  I have undergone  an operation which involved removing a bone from my hand and doing all sorts of mind-blinding  things to the sinews in my arm. They said I wouldn't be able to type for three months and they were correct. They also said I would not be up to writing, but the Muse or the Daemon did not agree, hence I wrote 17,000 words longhand in two weeks.  Lying in bed, I took the time to catch up on my novel,'Fractured Night using the blessed A4 pad and a Biro, I also became quite adept  with the Dragon,but being dosed up with painkillers, I was much slower than I thought.  The painkillers created a feeling of drifting calm and I wondered if perhaps this was how the great Romantics felt when they imbibed the laudanum, opium and other things. Mary Shelley - Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Coleridge, Wordsworth? Although I am not sure that Wordsworth imbibed.
Hang on, I shall just surf to see if he did. ..... Nope he didn't, :))
So,  on  writing in longhand -  really surprising. Having  typed straight onto the PC for ages, I didn't think I could be  inspired to write long hand, but needs must as the devil drive, or St. Gabriel, and I just loved it .

However I am back with the PC and loving it even more.
Now I have to go as the X Factor is coming on soon. I do enjoy it,  being an ex-singer myself - touring Europe, being asked out by some great names that I will not write down here.  Oh by the way, talking out loud to the Dragon was an experience, quite incredible, I found I was using different voices for the characters - really amusing.
Have a lovely evening.
Best wishes, Katy.