Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hi, So we lost Rylan - X Factor. I was  kinda sad, I ended up really liking him, Loved the swagger, the bump and grind. He is quite handsome - gorgeous actually. But I wish he wouldn't slick down that wonderful hair of his. Jahmene had me in tears, I just hope  he can climb above the hurt. I believe in angels too, but they couldn't hear me.  However, I managed to climb  out of the pit, I often have a look down, it's not faraway, but I've managed to help a few souls along the way,  they've helped me even more. No wonder I've ended up with a heart murmur. I am determined to beat this one.  That's partly why I've been away - doctors surgeries are not nice places to wait in. .
I have also been  deep in editing and rewriting.  I thought I could also social network and write, but I realised I just cannot do the writing justice if I do not solely concentrate on it. Thing is, I live the book, the characters are all real - alive. They talk, feel., and  I can feel them.  So I can't really say to them, okay that's some hours done now I am going to switch off and do some networking. Oh no, I find  I have dinner with them, watch TV with them and then share my head and my heart with them whilst  I'm in bed.  So forgive me for not appearing for a few days.
Have a lovely night,

Love and hugs,