Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hi, I watched T Cheryl Cole's gig at O2 on TV - fantastic. It was not only sophisticated, it was heart warming. What is so appealing about Cheryl is her openness and sincerity. The Swan-dives were breath taking - 'Take my breath Away aaa.  and courageous.  it was also good to see Girl's Aloud all together at the Children in Need. Getting back to O2,  I  loved the way the way Will-I-Am came over from the States to be with her on the show. For me the black-Eyed peas are dynamite. I surfed to see if they are still together but cannot find a yea or a nay that is up to date.
I do actually write a lot whilst listening to the Black Eyed Peas, but would so like to see if they have another album, I know the other by heart, My Hump - my hump - my pretty little hump.'  At least I think it's my 'hump', but could  be my bump or lump.Anyway it's really good and the words flow, especially when I'm facing a block. I never had a block writing as I think I talk too much ever to be lost for words. If for some obscure reason like  a nuclear  attack, I might get blocked with shock as anyone would, I would do a repeat  practice assignment  I had at Uni and that was to write swear words in a continuous angry flow for over ten lines/.  Can't beat James Joyce and Ulysses though.  When I first tried writing in swear form,  I felt rather guilty a guilty pleasure in fact, So it's Uni's fault I get into trouble with my son.  We might be talking on the line and then we talk about seeing something horrid obviously the word F... will fall softly from my lips. On the other end of the line, my son is saying 'Mum - Mum I heard that.'  So I just say, 'No darling I said sh...'
He replies,  'Oh Mum ....'
So I reply,'Let's change the subject.'
I don't know why  he's so pure, where did I go wrong? Maybe it was when I was in the Siddha Yoga phase,  all that chanting and meditation..  Of course I didn't involve him. But it was a phase where I felt sublime. I wish it could have lasted. he'd have been about nine then.
So I must go to bed I have some serious editing to do tomorrow.  And, I have to look for the latest album on the Black Eyed Peas.
So I shall just collect my Peppermint Creams, Liquorice All Sorts and the cucumber sandwich.
Have a lovely night, Hug the world for me.
Best wishes