Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hi and welcome. A comment, Diana Gabaldon no less. I hear she has brought out a new book Trail of Fire - great.    I read her books and was spellbound. Diana's  idea of time travelling through the portal  of a standing stone - quite unique.
I remember at Uni we were asked to write a poem, so I chose to write about Stone Henge and  how the poet touched  one of the stones,wondering mystically on their antiquity, mystery, even threat.  Then realized it could be an ancient computer, that the  ancients knew more that we ever thought possible.  I ended up by giving URLs as the last four lines in verse form. But, but, but,  unhappily the tutor did not get it. He asked why I had put the web addresses on there. I wanted to explain that the web addresses were part of the poem but decided not to argue. I mean the each line holding the web address they clicked on opened up a vista of mysteries,  ancient cults, mystical experiences, mythology.  So the poem could continue on.   But if he didn't get it then he didn't. I shall put it on tomorrow  for you to have a look, that's if you want to.  Now I'm  being humble, cringing knees, buckling, head bowed as I say 'You really don't have to.' Secretly,  I'd secretly love it if you did.
     And ... guess what... Eureka ....Thank you, just writing to you,right now,  I have thought up the plot for another book. It goes something like this, someone discovers Stone Henge is literally  a computer and then - wow all sorts of wonderful and disastrous  things happen.
    So many authors now use up pages and pages of  to use the phrase a 'gentleman's member' and the things that member got up to - well. The sex is incredible, in fact you don't need chocolate. I can't buy them for my mother ......  the books I mean. Talking about a gentleman's   member, an author of a novel I was enjoying the other night,  referred to it as a 'Helmet??? !!!  I suddenly had visions, of them, bobbing  in a line after each other, big ones, little ones fat ones and bent ones.  they could hardly walk could they?  Bobbing along like soldiers, 'Hey Ho Hey Ho is off to ...... we go. Then they all line up in front of the Sergeant Helmet and he barks,  'Attention!'  Well the mind boggles.
Now I have to rush, hubby has just cooked our pies, chicken for me and steak and ale for him.We are still without a kitchen and a microwave, all we have is an oven., so Sainsbury do great pies.  That will go down great with chips and then a lovely Cream Rough Puff Apple Pastry. Then it's X Factor

Have a lovely night. Love and hugs,