Thursday, 2 August 2012

The new crime book is developing  rapidly.  I managed to write 2,600 words today.  I also edited and went over the last two chapters as well. After writing the first three books I discovered it is much easier to edit as I go along. That doesn't mean  I keep it in the same format and content.  As the storyline progresses so I have to go back through the chapters changing and expanding or cutting out lines no longer applicable. So far only one character has been dropped but that is  because he was not important to the plot. 

I find doing the writing this way, I keep the story very much alive in my mind, every character, the theme, the sub-plots as so  on - all of it. Because of that, I can enrich the story and improve the plot and pacing. 

Now I am just about to save it. This I do every night as one terrible time I clicked on a virus in my live mail and my computer crashed. It was a Trojan Horse - one of the horrible ones - no mercy.  Awful feeling.  Now the usb's come out every night. 

Good night have a lovely night or day.  Good luck with your writing or whatever you are doing.