Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A bitter sweet day.  The relatives have all returned to Ireland and other parts of the country and the world.  and I feel bereft. Yet at the same time, I am freed up to write.  I managed to get the characters up and about some of them discovering a crime scene, horrific, mysterious and moving. After two weeks away from  the storyline I had to gen up and get back into spirit of the book again.  Happily the characters welcomed me back after a few raised eyebrows and murmurings of desertion.  Nevertheless the two main characters persuaded the others to forgive me this time.  I am now happily back in the fold and they are talking almost non-stop.

Sales are just  holding thank goodness. But then it is  summertime and the Olympics.
Great to witness the Gold  Medal for rowing and then  Wiggy got the gold for cycling.   I wish I could include them in my novel,
Have a wonderful night/day wherever you are.

Now to climb up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire.:))