Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Welcome to the discussion.  Do join in and give your views on the life of a writer.  What do you do to help overcome a writer's block?  If' I feel that bleakness when facing the screen, I don't hesitate to put on Shostakovich or the Black Eyed Peas. Why the disparity? It depends on the kind of block I face. I find that a classic composer such as Shostakovich or Beethoven is great for inspiration, but if the block is a mean one, then the Black Eyed Peas wins every time. There is something in the rhythm, the words that immediately pulls me into a different state of consciousness.  I find that sometimes even though what I am writing is tragic or traumatic the Black Eyed Peas has my fingers flying over the keys.
Massenet's Meditation is exceptional when writing something poignant or melancholic, whilst Beethoven is superb for inspiring a battle scene.
I am just writing this before going off with the family for dinner. It is the end of their summer vacation with us.  Tomorrow, I shall be back to writing.  I find with guests staying it is impossible to write fiction also it is unfair to the guests. However, when in the quiet of my bedroom at night, ideas for the future of the books flows beautifully.  I am thinking of editing Stone Relics to give it a freshen up. It has been on Amazon for a year now and has done so well. . Now it needs a slightl  addition to the title.  Return to Rhonan is going into paperback next week  as is Banished from Rhonan. The brilliant cover artist Dafeenah Jahmeel did a wonderful job and I can't wait to see the printed paperback .
So time now to go out,  to put on the make up and pile up the hair.  I think I'll wear red, my favourite colour.

Hope you are all enjoying your writing. Do leave some comments on your thoughts for the writing block.