Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hi there, I have just raised my head above the parapets, after being down in  the secret dungeons of my mind writing. I do hope you are all enjoying your writing or reading. It's a wonderful world. I don't escape to it, it is a major part of my reality. My study is a portal, the PC the engine that takes me down into the depths of the unconscious.
I was so pleased to finish the first two books of Rhonan and will bring out a third book in mid-winter. I need to step; back and refresh that particular channel. I'm not sure what the demon is up to, whether he'll fester more, or whether he gets the urge for Jessica's blood. Maybe a couple of nightmares may help.    Meanwhile,  I am writing a crime novel which is proving exciting. I promised myself  when I plunged into writing,  that I would always write what I would like to read and so far it is panning out.
As I mentioned nightmares above I  would say that although the nightmares wake me up with heart thudding, sheets soaked, some incredible ideas do arise. I have taken to writing them down.  But I don't think brown bears are as exciting as werewolves, or dragons. He was quite ferocious though, as was the lion. I don't know how they tripped up  the narrow stone steps of the castle to the parapets - no idea. I do know they both broke through  the medieval oak door. Luckily I awoke shuddering.
I was wondering if a diary might be a good idea and if people would b interested. However, maybe it would be a way of releasing the unconscious creativity. We'll see. For now, the grandchildren who have descended on me for a fortnight are sleeping, after a long - long day at the beach. Sadly the tide was in, covering the sand so we had three hours  of screams as tiny feet slid on stones.  I ended up trying to carry a three year old fighting to get down on the very stones that had him screaming.
One of the  little angels dropped his ice cream and screamed for rather along time. I tried to keep smiling but now have a headache.   I do enjoy having them for the holidays, yes I can assure you I really do - I do - I'm not kidding or am I?  Suffice to say, the writing will recommence  earnest in ten days time - 1 ... 2 .... 3... counting.

Off to bed now.  Goodnight.
Will write another stream of consciousness  tomorrow. I wonder what will appear out on  he screen. Do you find that your writing  often  flows without thinking it out? Other times I have to put  on the Black Eyed Peas or Tchaikovsy  to get going. :))