Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hi, I really wanted to write here everyday but didn't make it.  The whole family came round and we watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics  - fantastic even the dog got carried away watching the doves of peace. . So may people taking part, terrific entertainment. Over two hundred countries present, everyone jubilant, wonderful outfits. There was such a sense of unity so  even though we were watching it on TV, in our living room, we had the feeling of being there, of sharing the joy. We all feel into bed at one o'clock in the morning,  exhausted but thrilled.
Now seventeen exciting  days ahead, hubby ensconced in his armchair when he's not doing much needed gardening after a month of torrential rain, and me me nipping into watch in between entertaining the  grandchildren and relatives and  the odd bit of writing like now:))
Lovely to hear from Kaye Francis, delighted to read your news Kaye.
One thing that struck me was when Scotland was mentioned in the opening ceremony, and their fight in the eighteen hundreds for their wee bit of glen. This is the background for Return to Rhonan and the other books in the series. It brought  a lump to my throat. I know it's a supernatural scary romance - very  intense -  but it is also true to the times although fictionalized.
To my inner despair I could not write my fiction today but, am taking the opportunity between entertaining to get my list of links and passwords up to scratch. So I am  ploughing through a  mass of scribbles with email address and  arrows pointing everywhere at passwords and so on.
One thing, I've joined the blog-hoppers but really don't know how to go about interacting on it.  Any ideas would be welcome.:))
I suppose I'll have to resurrect my website, but quite honestly, I find this blog so much more interesting and user friendly.
Now I shall have to close as we're all having a fish and chip supper.  Tomorrow we are taking my mother out for her birthday celebration.  Hopefully it will remain sunny and we can have a pub lunch on the lawns.  In fact I can hear the grandchildren on the road returning with their mother.  They are not quiet children, neither are they boring :)) I will miss them.
Love and hugs.