Sunday, 29 July 2012

Have you ever felt lonely writing?  I often think writing is not a sociable occupation. One can't break up the morning by going out to have a coffee and a chat, neither can the author indulge in  a day out on the beach do. One has to have an inner desire to write, it is almost an obsession. Writing is the entrance to the world of dreams, fantasy, desire and fulfilment, that's if you're a writer of course. But then, you can also share that world with the reader. I never do feel lonely, yet I love company - so sometimes it can be a seesaw of needs.   So one day a week I devote socialising, deliberately not switching on the PC for at least eight hours.

The world of the writer goes on whilst living in another reality of survival, like cooking for example.    The ideas float around whilst washing the potatoes, I never peel them, waste of time. Then the ideas will flood the mind whilst trying to sleep or waking up in the night with an epiphany. A prime experience is when you live the book.  At the  beginning of the book, the words appear and ideas are emerging.
 I do have some kind of idea and structure, that is until the characters start talking, start contradicting my scheme or theme and then argue outright. Then there's the ones that slip in and there's no way they are going away.   I really try to disagree with some of them arguing that they are spoiling another character, or themselves even,  or maybe what they want is too risque or maybe too downright scary. I mean if I am writing supernatural, I don't really want the hero or heroine becoming erotic and definitely not pornographic, but sometimes the characters insist and stretch the limits. I do say to that character, 'Look we can't cross  the genres, this is  supernatural and the last thing the reader wants is another genre slipping in.'  Sometimes the character listens  but other times - he or she wins.  So when when hubby come to proof read,  he says, it is  too sexy or  too frightening and so on,  remark that he can argue with the character not me, better still don't proof read.
I hopefully will begin writing again on Wednesday.  By that time the characters will be beating down the doors to have their say.   Can't wait to see their ideas pouring onto the screen.
Hope you are all enjoying your writing and the Olympics. Off to bed now.
In the morning we are off to buy some flowering  shrubs - I'd rather write.  :))