Thursday, 8 March 2012

Wonderful review.  My heart leapt - Hywela loves Sci fi.  Whoopee. This was a review of literary significance with the reviewer critiquing from an indepth knowledge of the elite in the Sci fi world of writers. Hywela actually knew my beloved PhilipK Dick amongst others.
There have been wonderful reviews on this tour, a great bunch, deeply perceptive, but kind hearted  and this lowly writer has emerged unscathed and heartened.  So much so that I am inspired to plunge even more into writing, settting up a routine which I abhor but which is absolutely necessary.
I will achieve the routine with the added impetus of cups of tea, sweets, fruit and an occasional walk with the dog, Lily my golden haired retriever.  Lily loves it all as I walk for miles with her at my side whilst I work out plots. Usually she is so calm and does not interfere in my epiphanies unless she sees a cat, then my wrist is nearly wrenched off and I sometimes end up on my knees as if begging at someone's feet. I hastily apologise as they help me up.  I then gather my notepad from the puddle, and my recorder and hope it is not ruined.
I must say these apps' are really hardy.  I washed a usb - memory stick in the washing once. It was lodged deep in my dressing gown.  It survived as did my latest novel.
But enough.  I am waiting for a superb writer to agree to appear on here,  a lady of high literary gifts and incredibly romantic and mystical novels.