Wednesday, 7 March 2012

So the review was great - in-depth and perceptive. . Thank you Mason.

 I am surprised however how niche a market Sci fi is. But to my joy the chief protagonist Ben is endearing the hearts of so many readers besides thrilling them whilst my chief cotagonist terrifies them.   An unputdownable read as many write.

So onto the next stop and  - roll of the drums - the next stop is a review at Hywela Lyn : Romance That Is 'Out of this World'  Again another feverish night of anticipation.  I shall be sleeping for a fortnight after this tour :))

Great News.  There is to be a Free Par Tay given by Mimi Barbour who will also post  on this site.  There will be 75 free books, prizes like kindles etc.
Date will be from the 14th to the 18th Of March.  Will post more when I know.
Do drop in and take part. You are  all welcome.:))

Tonioght hubby cooked the meal : roast turkey, stuffing, broccoli, cabbage and onion gravy. Scrumptious oh and some Rose wine.I'm not fond of that I prefer Shiraz.  :))