Tuesday, 6 March 2012

HI there, Well the review came through today and it was par excellence. It is really boosting  my spirits. I am now leaping to the keyboard to carry on writing.

Mason of 'Thoughts in Progress' wrote a fantastic review giving credence both  to the book and author.  I must say that the blogs Nurture Your Books chooses are excellent - to use the at word again. I just wish I could keep them in situ!!

Now I shall go to my bed to feverishly toss and turn until I see the next review which is tomorrow with 'Riccochet Reviews'.
Please- please  put some 'like's on Amazon Stone Relics.  It could  do with a few more. Lovely reviews but people myself included do often forget the 'like'.

I am now up to chapter 25 with the sequel to Rhonan. I was going to call it Banished from Rhonan but I am inclined now to call it 'Fever at Rhonan.' and the last one Banished from Rhonan. But I shall have to see where the characters take me. I do plan things just a little bit, but  more often than  not the characters start dictating otherwise. A couple of them are quite feisty so rather than upset them I usually give in.:))

Have a  lovely night. i am just off to bed early so that I can do the early morning writing.  I say that everytime,   but often things turn out differently.  Routines are not my forte.
Goodnight - God bless.