Monday, 5 March 2012

HI Everyone, I hope you all had a lovely  week. It has been hectic with the tour by Nurture Virtual Book Tours.  So far 8 visits to Blogs.  I will put the list under here.
I hope you like the new look for the blog - Bobbie Crawford an expert on building blogs and websites, of Nurture Your books Tours did this for me and also all the links. to Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads and my website.   That took a weight off my mind and left me free to write.
So a big big thank you to Bobbie.   Shall call on her services again.:))
The reviews are really cool with  lots of space given to the book and to 'moi'.  with four and half stars and fives, already I am sure people are interested in reaidng the book.
I am also so excited as Bobbie has got her  book cover artist, Kristen, to do a fantastic book cover.  Can't wait now to publish Return to Rhonan.

On putting some Irish music on Facebook I had some enquiries as to whether I was Irish.  Well I am half Irish and half Welsh.  So I guess that makes me Celtic. However, the Welsh are actually the old Brits, speaking an ancient language that goes back to the dawn of time. .

I  am off now to cook a Thai dinner.  Just got into Thai cooking. Love it.  Hubby bought us  a huge wok and am fascinated with all the spices and veg. used.  I am sure the ginger has got my blood racing.
I shall be back with news of other authors soon.
So so excited about the tour - they really work -as one of the bloggers says 'they really rock.' 

Take care. Do leave a comment or email with news.  :))

The meal was delicious with steamed  salmon in a sauce of spring onions fried in Sesame oil with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, wine, sugar and water.  Yum. :))

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And tomorrow it is Thoughts in P

I shall report back on the review.  Fingers crossed.  :)).

Have good night.