Monday, 27 February 2012

News on the Home Front

Hi there, Hope you are all well. I am happy to say that the winners have received their giveaways from Mimi and are delighted.  We are still trying to reach Dani.  Do get in contact Dani and we can send you your copy.  Great news. Stone Relics has just started a promotion tour with Nurture Your Books - Bobbie Crawford.

Much to my  delight it has received a fantastic review from Jaidis Shaw of Juniper Grove.

I have just finished a new novel - paranormal romance 'Return to Rhonan'  which I hope to publish on kindle within a couple of weeks time. The sequel is now half -written - Banished form Rhonan.  I shall write more nearer the publishing date.

I am looking forward to putting on a review of The Somnambulist by a great writer Zan McDowell. It is a lyrical and moving story which I enjoyed reading. It should appear within the next few days.

Have a good night. Bye for now.