Monday, 3 October 2011

                                   TAKING OUT THE TRAILER TRASH

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Charlene’s first novel has just been published and she couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, being a published author isn’t quite as lucrative as she had hoped. She needs a day job that will give her time to finish her second novel before the money from the first one runs out. Managing a small RV park on the Mississippi Gulf Coast seems like the perfect gig. It’s close to the beach, the rent is paid, and the job demands are minimal.

Things seem to be working out just great until the murders start.

Who is killing people at the Happy Times RV Park? Charlene intends to find out, with the help of a senior citizen ex-madam, a fugitive from the 60s, and a good looking cop with a shady past.


Hi Janice, So good to meet you. Thank you for taking part in this Questionnaire. It is so interesting to read about our exciting authors’ views. I really enjoyed reading ’Taking Out the Trailer Trash’. I see you have 6* reviews for it. I’m looking out for more of your books. I’m sure the readers would be delighted to know more about you and your work. .

At what age did you realize you are a writer?

 I started writing in my teens but even before that I was always making up stories. I would entertain my friends by telling long involved stories about things we would do when we grew up. I didn't actually finish my first novel until I was in my forties and it felt like the greatest accomplishment ever.

What inspired you to write’ ‘Taking Out the Trailer Trash?’

The book was actually inspired by real life. My husband and I were managing a trailer park on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It was a terrible job and we didn't last long but I met so many weird/interesting people that I just had to write about it. Many of the characters are loosely based on the people that I had knocking on my door daily. I had to tone them down a lot for the book because nobody would have believed they were real if I had written them like they actually were.

Did the book take much research?

 There wasn't a lot of research, just little things about the area to make sure I got them right.

Where did you do your research? The Net – Library?

 I use the Internet for everything. It has been years since I've been in an actual library.

Do you have a private space to write?

No! Not at all. Most of the book was written in the midst of the insanity that Charlene deals with in the book. The three animals are real and they are mine. Well actually they belong to my children but I'm the one they drive crazy.

How long do you write each day?

 Right now I spend about eight hours a day writing for my job. I'm a teacher/writer/creative manager for an online school.

Do you write to music? 

That would be nice but there is usually too much other stuff going on around me to add music to the mix.

What do you have with you when you write? Coffee, sweets, etc.?

Definitely coffee, it is my constant companion. All my main characters are addicted to coffee, it helps me relate to them.

Are you writing another book in the same series?

I have written a rough outline and the first chapter and hope to get some time to work on it soon. I miss Charlene and Maggie.

Do you have aspirations to write in other genres as well?

I've actually written a paranormal romance that I hope to get on Kindle soon. I also really like writing YA but I haven't come up with just the right scenario for that yet.

Janice this has been so interesting.   I shall definitely be looking out for your next book.  Also I would be delighted to have an interview with you on our sister blog for your paranormal romance.  It is still being built and should completed soon.