Monday, 31 October 2011

                             SHAKESPEARE'S CUTHBERT
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                                  PATRICK BARRETT

An unknown play by Shakespeare found in the valley? Will the strangers find it or can the even stranger inhabitants prevent it from being found?

Have you read Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet? Have you read Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream? Have you read Macbeth? Have you read Shakespeare's Cuthbert?!! What if there was an unknown play by William Shakespeare and the secret was known only to the 'real valley folk' and they weren't letting on?!! What if there was a way to infiltrate the valley and join the ranks of these theatre-obsessed folks? What if that chance came your way, would you take it? Would you risk all in an almost alien environment like the valley? An influx of strangers think the play is only too real and they are determined to find it. Can the real valley folk keep the secret? Is there even a secret?

In this tale full of satirical humour, word plays and highly questionable characters, Cuthbert, adrift amongst his fellow eccentrics adds even more confusion without actually being fully aware of the consequences and the impact on the valley.

It is the first in the series involving Cuthbert and the valley folk. This book is finished and every book is a different adventure revolving around evolving characters.

Hi Patrick, So good to meet you. I really enjoyed Shakespeare’s Cuthbert. I’m looking out for more of your books. I’m sure the readers would be delighted to know more about you and your work. .

At what age did you realize you are a writer? 

At the age of 58 years, I wrote my first book - Shakespeare’s Cuthbert. I entered it on the Authonomy site to pick up tips and advice and the positive comments led me to believe that I may be a writer.

What inspired you to write’ Shakespeare’s Cuthbert? 
Cuthbert is an amalgam of all the people I have ever met who have made me laugh, made my cry and made me shake my head in disbelief!

Did the book take much research?
No research at all!

Do you have a private space to write?
  I am squashed into the corner of Paula’s music room!

How long do you write each day?
Since having a stroke two year’s ago, I am only just starting to write again now.

Do you write to music?
No – I prefer silence which is rare in our household!

What do you have with you when you write? Coffee, sweets, etc.?
Nothing at the keyboard although I have regular breaks.

Are you writing another book in the same series? 
The Cuthbert series is already written and consists of several books.

Do you have aspirations to write in other genres as well? 
I am interested in writing short stories just to stretch the boundaries away from comedy.

Patrick this has been so interesting. I am so excited to have met you. I shall be looking out for your next book.
Thank you so much Kathy for your time – I have enjoyed talking to you too.
I do hope we can put another of your lovely books on here soon Patrick.