Friday, 2 September 2011

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Ray Connor
Have you ever wondered if you were meant for greater things than sitting on a couch playing video games? That's how 12 year old Willie Ford felt until that fateful day his parents told him how he was found in a dumpster 10 years ago. The Interdimensional Dumpster follows Willie and his friends as they unknowingly return to that same dumpster. They end up in a strange, yet familiar land and must help save it from an evil king.

Hi Ray, So good to meet you. I really enjoyed Interdimensional Dumpster. I'm looking out for more of your books. I'm sure the readers would be delighted to
know more about you and your work.

Q: At what age did you realize you are a writer?

A: I dreamed about it for over 30 years, but at Age 47, I actually finished The Interdimensional Dumpster and published it. I guess you can say that I didn't realize it until I saw it in print!

Q: Have you always wanted to write Sci Fi or are there other genres that interest you?
A: I have a Techno-Crime Drama that Ive been working on for years. That was always the first book that I thought I would publish.

Q: What inspired you to write The Interdimensional Dumpster?
A: My children were my inspiration. They would rather that I made up bedtime stories than read them. Quite a few of the Elements in this book come from parts of the stories I told them. When they were too old for stories, I started to write them down!
Q: Did the book take much research?
A: It didn't take much research, only enough to make sure that the places that i describe have some sense of realism. i wanted to make sure that some of the names I used were not copied from other stories also.

Q: Where did you do your research? The Net or Library?
A: 100% Net. I love libraries, but the ease of Google and Wiki have made things instantaneous. I will pull out my iPhone if I am away from my computer and do research if an idea pops into my head.

Q: Do you have a private space to write?
A: I prefer quiet spots around the house. I often joke that the Hot Tub is my office! I'll take my pad out there (I write everything long hand first) and stare at the clouds and trees for inspiration.

Q: How long do you write each day?
A: Not enough! I will go on writing binges for weeks, but then stop for a few to refresh the idea mill. My dream is to write every day. A tough thing to do with a busy family! My daughter just moved to Manhattan for college!

Q: Do you write to music?
A: Absolutely! I love music in general. I love King Crimson, XTC, Classic Rock, Blues. Music with a story.

Q: What do you have with you when you write? Coffee, sweets, etc.?
A: I love coffee! I can't start without it. Sometimes I'll take a sip and realize that it's Ice Cold from sitting there for an hour. I love being in a "Zone" and losing track of time.

Q: Are you writing another book in the same series?
A: I am working on the sequel which begins on the last day of school before Summer vacation. It is about half written with the rest outlined.

Q: How long does it take you to write a book?
A: Too long! The first one took me 14 years off and on. The second should be done within 18 months from the first. I would love to write for a living! That way I could probably write 2 per year at the minimum.

Q: Do you want to find a publisher or do you find Indie Kindle publishing exciting?
A: I would love to find a traditional publisher. The only reason is that I could concentrate more on the writing than the overall publishing process. I published it myself because I wanted my story to be told. It wasn't about becoming rich by writing a book, it was about making people smile reading my words.

Ray this has been so interesting. I am so excited to have met you.
I shall be looking out for your next book.
Thanks Katy! By the way I am in the middle of reading Phobic Dawn right now! I love the cross between future technology and the ancient past. Great idea!
I would also love to offer 2 copies of The Interdimensional Dumpster to give away to someone who leaves a comment on your blog! Just pick 2 and get me their addresses and I will ship to tem at no cost!
Your friend,
Ray Connor