Saturday, 30 July 2011

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RISING - The Phoenix Group


When archaeologist Mark Gillian uncovers a deadly artefact in a lost temple along with a list of three other locations, he relies on his old school friend Cook, the one person he can trust who has the abilities to gather the remaining pieces.

On their quest they soon discover they’re not the only ones interested in the artefacts, the most ultra-secret organisation in the world, The Phoenix Group have been searching for nearly 50 years and have already unlocked their dangerous secrets.

From undiscovered temples in Brazil to caverns under London’s Westminster Parliament and from the mysterious Brown Mountain range to beneath a secret American Air Force base, there will be no greater puzzle or chase…

To stop the end of civilization.

If they lose this fight…so will you.

An interview with Colin Andrews: Author of
  RISING - The Phoenix Group

At what age did you realize you are a writer?
  1. Guess it must have started when I was in junior school. I’d write short stories for school competitions and even up to the point when I was taking my leaving exams, if I’d finish early I’d write the next short story to take up the time. I think my Parents still have a couple of my old orange lined exercise books with some of my monster writing, and that’s a No to publishing them either.
What inspired you to write’ Rising - The Phoenix Group ?
  1. That’s an easy one, being thrown into a wheelchair for four months with nothing to do you can get bored quite quick and yes I have the scars to prove it, wanna see? so I decided to write a short story for my son to read when he grew up, that was over 9 years ago. He picked it up late 2010 and asked me to finish it, so here we are book done although I can’t remember how I came up with the story. Weird.
Did the book take much research?
  1. Yes quite a bit, I research as I go. For the most part the book is set in the US, which means I constantly have to check out historical facts, distances, time zones, weather, accents, prices, vehicles. Those guys really live on a distant plant Huh?
Where did you do your research? The Net – Library?
  1. Mostly at home, Google is your friend. I have friends in the US that help when I need to find something out that relates to certain states and all things American and there’s always twitter, most people are willing to supply any short answers I need, I just make sure I double check before putting anything in the book. If I really get stuck I live two doors away from the local library, yes I know I’m lucky.
Do you have a private space to write?
  1. I have my own office at home with a good setup for writing and research. Sometimes if the weathers really nice, I’ll grab a pencil and paper, jump on my bike and go sit at a cafĂ© in Billing, I get free coffee and it’s by the canal, so quite serene. Anyone’s welcome to join me for some quite writing. There are always notepads dotted around the house just in case something inspirational comes to mind, there’s even one in the bathroom.
How long do you write each day?
  1. It varies. A usual day for me is, up at 7.30am panic that the kids will be late for school, back at 9.00am answer all the emails, and say hi to everyone on twitter, moan that the batteries are running out on my mouse. Write until 3pm, collect the kids from school and we play until dinner time, then writing for an hour or so, kids in bed at 8pm, back to writing usually until around midnight. Sometimes I’ve stayed up until 5am if I’m in the flow. I don’t sleep well, so use the time to think and write.
Do you write to music?
  1. Not really, mostly I like the silence, but I do have to write to world war 3 at the weekends when the kids play on the Xbox, still, I find it kind of comforting though.
What do you have with you when you write? Coffee, sweets, etc.?
  1. Continuous amounts of tea on tap, I drink way too much of the stuff. I don’t eat breakfast or lunch but sweets are always good, except for the waist line. Oh and usually turn my mobile phone off, much to peoples annoyance.
Are you writing another book in the same series?
  1. Yes, I’m on the second book now with another two in the series to go.
Do you have aspirations to write in other genres as well?
  1. Definitely, although romance is out of the question, I just can’t do it. I have a spin off book planned and I think the world is lacking in super hero’s at the moment and have a great idea for a gritty new book there. Plus a few other ideas in the pipeline, we’ll see.

Thanks for the lovely questions had a great time answering them. Do you have a link/Banner I could put on my website here with the others >>>
I look forward to finishing my 2nd book and picking up yours to read.. Hope it’s going well.
Thank you so much for your time and effort. Been such a pleasure.
Thank you Colin and I look forward to reading more of your work.