Thursday, 15 February 2018


                    WHOOPEE DELICIOUS BITES

Hi friends.
I do hope you are well and happy. Forgive my absence from here. I have now recovered from two bouts of illness and am feeling good, stronger and raring to go again.
I thought I would share this great offer from two sets of authors offering delicious bites from their new novels. This gives you a chance completely free to taste and decide which box appeals to you. It could be you are hungry for both. Great appetite for the cordon bleu of the book world. I know spicy bangers and buttery potato mash can be tempting, and beefburgers topped with red hot chilies tongue tingling, but the taste bomb explodes with mouthwatering delight on biting into these enticing 3-star cheffy morsels. 
Sssh - I have to whisper this, they're free - YES - FREE 

Now you can find them on 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

LAUNCH JANUARY 18TH 2018 COMING TO                       AMAZON.COM 

                                                    DEATH MARKS. 

The first in a trilogy of horror. A supernatural tale that has the blood draining to your toes.

Hearing a ferocious buzzing, the two boys squinted through the trees.  ‘What’s that?’ The taller one walked hesitantly towards a mass of flies covering something red. ‘Bloody hell, don’t – don’t look Freddie. Go back.’ He pushed the younger child behind him. ‘Run – run.’ But the younger child clung to him, terror gripping his small legs. They stared at jagged red crosses ripped through the flesh of two naked bodies.  Whimpering, they stepped back from the intestines snaking in the long grass, the colors bright, scarlet and purple, marbled with yellow fatty strings.  The organs seemed to move through the frantic thrumming of tiny black wings. Backing away, the boys turned to run, only to trip over piles of white sticks.  Frenzied, they picked themselves up, fleeing through a silent forest of yew trees. Death followed, snickering, at their heels.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Pre-Order Tour for Tempted by Mr Wrong by Jacquie Biggar

by Jacquie Biggar